About Us



Yo! What's up? Dylan Ignacio here, owner of Lift to Live Apparel. 

I know your time is variable so let me jump right into my story...

You likely don’t know this about me or even know who I am, but between the years of 2016-2017 I struggled intensely with suicidal ideologies.

This was an accumulation of lacking self-care i.e. excessively drinking, eating trash food, video games, poor sleep habits, excessive caffeine intake, etc.

Add to that a snowball effect from trauma experienced on the job (currently 8 years in Law Enforcement), mixed with bullying I experienced during my younger years, these caused some major insecurities that I still deal with today.

The perfect storm some might say.

Before you get all worried, I got help. I got the assistance I needed, and today I am blessed that I no longer have that demon, but that shit took WORK.

I’ve been through therapy, read numerous “self help” books, meditated, you name it...I’ve probably tried it. A lot of these things I still incorporate in my life today...

Out of all of those practices the GYM continues to pay massive dividends towards my well being.

Here are just a few of my personal reasons why I believe fitness is the strongest foundation for our overall mental and physical health. 

1. The feeling you get after a nasty pump is priceless!

2. The confidence built when you finally look in the mirror and go DAMN I look good.

3. You are gathering in a place with other like-minded people. A safe place if you will. Breaking the loneliness that comes with simply siting in your shit at home.

4. You get a massive surge of endorphins (the feel-good chemical).

5. You feel accomplished post workout.

6. You are more conscious about what you put in your body so you don’t waste the work you put in.

7. You start to master yourself. Self love becomes inherent.

Note: Seeking professional help is always the best route depending on your individual battles.

I hope this messages gives you some insight on who I am, and why I started Lift To Live. 

Welcome to the family,

Dylan Ignacio